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"I still get compliments on how well Shawn's keynote set the tone for the conference. It was insightful, inspiring, and presented a call to action."
— Alan Houser, STC Summit Conference Manager

"Had a wonderful, inspiring panel given by Shawn Henry of the W3C on accessibility this morning to kick off the [SXSW] interactive panels."
Chandani, HealthEd Interactive

"Rated in the top 5 of our 120 presentations"
- Bryan Mason, WEB2000 Program Manager

SXSW panel "Accessibility Wars: A Report From the Trenches" rated 4.6/5.0 (conference average 3.68)

Speaking and Presentations

Web Design World 2010


UPA - Usability Professionals' Association International Conference 2008


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Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing




Web Design World

"I had the good fortune to attend Shawn Henry's outstanding presentation on web site accessibility at the Thunderlizard conference in Denver this week. She offered a unique and practical perspective on the web, and was easily among the most effective speakers at the conference. You are very fortunate to have such a talented communicator at Optavia."

WEB2001 International Conference

WEB2000 International Conference

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4. 73 Session Average


UPA - Usability Professionals' Association International Conference 2001

HFWeb - Conference on Human Factors and the Web, June 1999

Training Workshops

"Eye opening! The workshop really opens your eyes to whom your prospective web clients are and what we have to do as developers to make applications more useable and accessible. Shawn incorporated several exercises that showed that even the simplest of tasks couldn't be done if the design didn't take into account all possible users. Now I see that with little effort, our applications can become more user-friendly for everyone. Everyone should take this course!"

"Prior to taking this class, I thought that building an accessible site meant watering down designs. Shawn truly impressed me, when she could demonstrate that the accessibility of a site greatly improved the site for all users. Not only can you design sites that are more useful for more people, you can improve your existing sites with this knowledge."

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