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Just Ask: Integrating Accessibility Throughout Design is an extensive resource spanning 26 web pages and 200 printed pages. For an overview of the content, see the Cover page and Introduction.

The Second Edition of Just Ask will be developed throughout 2015. A primary focus is expanding considerations for older users.

Updates and new chapters will be posted online starting with:

Just Ask is written by Shawn Henry, a highly respected usability and accessibility specialist, international speaker, and author.

Market Segments

Visitors to Just Ask online range from large corporate project teams developing complex products, through students just getting started in product design. Just Ask has thousands of readers per month from around the world (190 countries). The target audience includes:

Just Ask is the number 1 search result on Google for several popular searches, such as "usability testing checklist"

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Sponsoring Just Ask: Integrating Accessibility Throughout Design online provides a special opportunity to associate your organization with a resource that:

Sponsoring this online book provides positive visibility to your organization.

Thanks Shawn, Adobe, RNIB, [Mitsue-Links, SAP] and all for putting an important publication in an accessible format for everyone.

— Wayne Dick, Chair, Computer Engineering and Computer Science, CSU, Long Beach, WebAIM mailing list

Sponsorship Levels

As a top sponsor of Just Ask: Integrating Accessibility Throughout Design online, you get:

Four sponsorship levels are described below:

Sponsorship Levels Table
  Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
1. Web pages All 26 All 26 8 4
2. Online position Above fold (Above fold) (Below fold) Below fold
3. Print position Top & Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom
4. Your logo online 150 x 150 75 x 150 75 x 150 75 x 150
5. Announcements Yes - - -
6. Translations Yes Yes Yes Yes

Bronze level sponsorship is $1,000 US dollars for most organizations and $500 for non-profit/charity disability organizations.

Options Descriptions

The options from the chart above are described below:

  1. Web pages – Logo on all 26 Just Ask web pages listed in the Table of Contents plus new chapters of the Second Edition; or on 8 pages: Welcome, Cover, About, Table of Contents and 4 pages of your choice; or on 4 pages: Welcome, Cover, About, and Table of Contents.
  2. Online position – On Just Ask the web pages listed in 1. Web pages, logo above or below the fold (that is, visible without scrolling) on common configurations, such as Firefox browser with default settings on 1024x768 screen resolution.
  3. Print position – When printed, logo is at the top of the first page and/or the bottom of the last page of Just Ask web pages.
  4. Logo – 150px H x 150px W image, or 75px H x 150px W image. Can be company logo, product logo, or other logo or text as agreed upon. Linked to appropriate page on your site.
  5. Announcements – Sponsorship listed in Web pages, announcements, and other formal communications about the Just Ask, including e-mails to mailing lists, presentation handouts, and conference flyers.
  6. Translations – Your logo on all translated versions. (Position to be determined by sponsorship level and number of sponsors.)

Just Ask Sponsor Logo Usage Guidelines

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Sponsors may use the Just Ask Sponsor logos in any medium, including web pages and printed material. When used in hypertext (such as in a Web page), the logo must link to the Just Ask About page using the URI <http://www.uiAccess.com/accessucd/about.html> or the Just Ask Cover page using the URI <http://www.uiAccess.com/accessucd/>. When used in a non-hypertext medium, the Just Ask About page or Cover page URI should be included in text, preferably near the logo. The Sponsor may copy the logo source to their preferred Web server, but the logo may not be changed in any way (for example, resized or colors changed).


To learn more about sponsoring Just Ask: Integrating Accessibility Throughout Design, contact:
Shawn Henry

Just Ask Sponsor Policy

Unless otherwise agreed, sponsorship starting after January 2008 is for 2 years and sponsor benefits are automatically extended for additional years at no additional fee, unless there is a change in status of the resource.

The Sponsor program consists solely of acknowledgment of sponsorship according to to details in the Just Ask Online Sponsorship Agreement, and license for the Sponsor to use the Just Ask Sponsor logo under the scope of this program. The order of listing Sponsors is at uiAccess.com's discretion.

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